Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow
Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow

Hotel Comfort Luxurious Bamboo Pillow

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  • Temperature Regulating – won’t overheat, significantly reduces humidity
  • Medium profile – Soft, supple, mushy, and luxurious.
  • Easily moldable, quiet, feels like a cloud, holds form longer, even spine angle, no lumps.
  • Filling never shifts – Handmade Fill
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Premium 100% Viscose from Bamboo Fabric Shell – 100% Long-strand Shredded Memory Foam Filling (AAA grade) - Tested free of harmful chemicals
  • The Last Pillow You Will Ever Need Guaranteed.
  • Perfect for those who want something cuddly that resembles what clouds would feel like if you could lay your head on them. It’s luxury on another level.
  • Great for allergy sufferers.
  • Oversized to fit every type of bed and sleeper.
  • Bamboo derived from sustainable, certified wild crops/agriculture, pesticide-free.
  • All natural AAA Grade 100% Long-strand Shredded Memory Foam Filling.
  • White color – no harmful dyes or excess chemicals.
To Wash:

Washing typically not necessary when used with pillow cases. Spot clean or if you must, machine wash cold, normal detergent, no fabric softener, no bleach. NO SPIN. Machine dry normal or hang dry. For additional questions contact us.

To Naturally Freshen:

Hang dry in sunlight for a few hours 4-6 months. Fibers will naturally expand and rejuvenate a fresh scent and feel.

The HC Difference:

Hotel Comfort is premium luxury bedding at a quality-level never before seen. It’s exponentially softer and sleeps at the perfect temperature.

Most bedding today sleeps too hot. Our Bamboo pillow fixes overheating by sleeping degrees cooler and half as humid. Its comfort is unmatched in luxury and plushness.

We personally know each member of our supply chain from seed to sheet: a first our industry. This access gives Hotel Comfort influence to direct positive change and industry-leading innovations in luxury bedding. Attention to every detail, better quality products, and outstanding customer service are what has made Hotel Comfort the new leader in luxury bedding worldwide.

How we made our pillow with your comfort in mind...

Made in the USA

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Hotel Comfort's Luxury Bamboo Pillow

After four years and thousands of online reviews, we've developed the world's most comfortable pillow. For the first time ever, you can have full control of your pillow and your comfort. Our unique design conforms to your neck and back. No needs to keep flipping and twisting your pillow. Finally, enjoy a sleep product designed around you.

What's Inside the Original Pillow?

Every purchase comes with the Hotel Comfort Guarantee, our promise to deliver uncompromising quality with real customer service.

The Case

Our signature fabric is a bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester blend with an amazing hand feel and cooling properties. It features our signature pattern and can be removed for easy washing.

The Liner

The inner liner is a lightweight 100 GSM polyester fabric, which allows for proper adjustment, alignment, and breath-ability without adding too much structure to the pillow.

The Fill

Shredded Memory Foam made without ozone depletes, flame retardants, and Formaldehyde and other toxins. Its designed to work for most people. It feels plush yet supportive, and every side sleeps cool and there is no need to keep flipping or fluffing.


5 Year Warranty











Hotel Comfort Pillow is super soft and lofty build with high density open air shredded memory foam. Combined with a premium reactive open air bamboo fabric,  Hotel Comfort created a bamboo pillow super plush and supportive at the same time.

100 Day money back guarantee

Did we mention 100 Day Money Back? That's how confident we are in our products! Try it out 100 nights or your money back!

Perfection Starts Here

For some people... the search for the perfect pillow is an ongoing lifetime project. My efforts may have ended right here, with the Hotel Comfort pillow...It’s comfortable, cool, moldable, fluffy and adjustable.

— Drew R.

Great Pillow!

I've been using this pillow for a little over a year now with no problems with the integrity or structure. It's nice that it conforms to your neck and head and gives great support while still being able to mold shape.

— Cynthia Y.

Longest Lasting Pillow!

This has been a worthwhile experiment. Tried several other pillows over the last 5 years and while all start out comfortable they inevitably become flat. This pillow seems to have contributed to virtually eliminating neck pain, whether sleeping on my side, back or front.

— David T.

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