Hotel Comfort Sheets


Before designing our sheets, we had to rethink everything we thought we knew. We learned that a higher thread count doesn’t mean higher quality, you can’t cut corners when it comes to cotton, and the right weave makes a world of difference. Our result? Sheets that are the perfect balance of soft, crisp, and airy.

Hotel Comfort 2000 series bed sheets

Rayon from Bamboo is the the most sustainable of all natural fibers with antibacterial qualities that repel and eliminate bacteria. No chemicals or additives are used to prevent wrinkling or shrinking. Hotel Comfort’s Bamboo Sheets are naturally breathable with a silky blend of fibers that expand when you are warm, to cool and let skin breathe, then contract, when the temp is cool, creating a snuggley warmth.

whats inside the sheets

Super Soft Micro-Fiber & Eco-Friendly Bamboo Blend (from Rayon)

Bamboo Sleep sheets are a high quality blend of 40% Rayon derived from Bamboo and 60% Polyester microfibers.

Thick, durable but at the same time feel cool – for a natural way to sleep. Spoil yourself in all seasons – perfect for both summer and winter use. Naturally anti-microbial, odor and mildew resistant.
Hotel Comfort Sheets are wrinkle and fade free. You’ll see and feel the difference right out of the package from the very first use.

NO IRONING REQUIRED. Machine Wash Gentle Cycle in Cold Water or Warm Water with Similar Colors. Tumble Dry Low. Do Not Bleach.
14 Inch Deep pocket design guaranteed to fit your bed. 

Hotel Comfort 4 piece Bed Sheet Set Include: 1 deep pocket fitted sheet for over-sized mattresses up to 14 inches in depth, 1 Flat sheet and 2 pillowcases.